Big Diabetes Lie: Prolonged Diabetes Remission without Medication

The cure of diabetes is an uncertainty till date. Many manufacturers of diabetes medications claim that they have permanent cure for diabetes, but they voice is a rumor which they make to publicize their product. The medical science has even failed to come up with any method or medication to treat diabetes forever. However, cure is claimed in some alternative medicine methods, but no one knows how far this is true.

Big diabetes lieConcern about diabetes

The permanent cure of diabetes is the big diabetes lie and you must accept this statement. We are mainly concern about Type1(juvenile diabetes) and Type2 (Diabetes mellitus). In juvenile diabetes, insulin is not produced in the body at all, whereas in diabetes mellitus, insulin is insufficiently produced. Juvenile diabetes is not so common and that’s why this is not to be discussed. The major concern is Diabetes mellitus which is quite common and there are worldwide rising cases of this condition. Diabetes mellitus is related more with lifestyle and sometimes referred to as lifestyle disease. This diabetes type is critical because of its association with obesity and kidney disorders.

Big diabetes lieDiabetes in Not Permanent curable

All claims of diabetes cure are hollow due to lack firm support of scientific facts. Diabetes remission is a truth and prolonged remission is sometimes misconstrued as diabetes cure. Technically speaking, diabetes remains on its place even after many years of remission, but its symptoms are not visible. The diabetic patient may have feeling of diabetic-free life which is not true. Diabetes is also associated with genetics.

Prolonged diabetes remission without medication

Prolonged remission of diabetes is as good as permanent cure, though it is not a cure. Big diabetes lie is a program which is one good solution to prolonged remission of diabetes. You can learn the way to live healthy life with diabetic condition. Seven stages are outlined in this program that can take you to a point at which you won’t need diabetes medication.